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Nancianne Slatter, Energy Worker, Spiritual and Life Coach

HEAL the wounds of your heart, fall in LOVE with your soul, and learn to VIBE with the Universe


Uncover and release the fear and shame which keep you bound, so you can begin living your life for your highest good!


Discover your sensual nature and learn new ways of relating to others that honor your boundaries and ignite your erotic fires!


Reconnect to the Universal Divine, your Highest self, your Spirit Guides,
and Nature so you can do the work of healing generational trauma, karmic
lessons, and societal wounds!

YOU living your most authentic and fully expressed life is the


this world desperately needs! It's time for you to LIVE VIBRANTLY!


Energy Worker | Psychic Intuitive | Shamanic Practitioner | Sex & Relationship Coach | Warrior Woman | Gifted Teacher | Storyteller


I am a moon-loving, re-wilded Warrior Woman with a passion for helping people heal from past trauma, break generational curses, discover karmic lessons, and live their most vibrant, connected life possible! I am a gifted teacher and storyteller, and I bring new awareness to overlooked and abandoned places in the psyche. I have walked the long road of healing from: *childhood sexual abuse

*mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse

*domestic violence

*depression and suicidal ideation.

I am deeply committed to being a Healer and a Light Worker with every cell of my being.


I am a certified Advanced Reiki Healer.

I have received training in group facilitation, conflict resolution, and vulnerable sharing for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I have been trained by the Somatica Institute where I learned how to create in-body practices to help facilitate "muscle memory" for real life situations. I have learned core Native American, Peruvian, and East African spirituality, which I REVERENTLY combine with neo-pagan practices and Hindu/Buddhist philosophies to form an inclusive, adaptive approach to shamanic healing which isn't centered around any particular religious belief system, indifferent science, or traditional practice.


When you work with me, you are working with a real person. I don't sit across from you, silently taking notes and adopting an aloof but sympathetic air. I have been committed to my own healing journey since 2011, and I feel how scary, overwhelming, and intense it can be. I have been there! I will cry with you. I will help you celebrate all your successes, even when you can't see them yet. I will stand beside you on your own healing journey with kindness, transparency, and non-judgmental empathy. You will not have to do the work alone! And, unlike traditional healing paths and support groups, I will help you learn new ways of being and relationship skills to achieve the connectedness you desire.

All people are welcome, regardless of age or gender

***experienced and passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community, including trans youth***

Are you ready for Spiritual and Life Coaching?

I can help you release what no longer serves you, discover your passion and purpose,

manifest your highest good and loving connections, and change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Private In-person or Online Services

Services can be purchased as a single session or in groups of three. Appointments require a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice, and refunds will be given if notice of cancellation or reschedule is provided to me with a minimum of 24 hours. Grouped sessions offer a discounted rate, and refunds will be given less the single session rate for any session completed.



Meet your Spirit Guide to strengthen your intuition and gain powerful wisdom and guidance. Do Shadow Work to heal your Inner Child and reassign your Inner Critic into your Loyal Soldier so you can integrate your whole soul into your present life with empowered intention. Learn how to be the Lover of your own Soul!



Learn exercises to help you be more present in your body. Find excitement in your own eroticism and reignite your desire! Explore your boundaries and learn how to share them lovingly but firmly with your loved ones. Develop skills for healthy relationships that affirm each other's needs with acceptance and love.



Balance your chakras and remove blockages that keep you from empowered living. Meet your Higher Self and discover your passion and purpose. Learn your past lives, soul contracts, and karmic cycles. Discover ways to break generational curses and complete karmic cycles that will result in healing 7 generations forward and 7 back.


All services can be experienced in person or online



Limit of (1) free 30-minute initial consultation per person
to review your personal story and needs


Limit of (1) free 30-minute initial consultation per person or couple to review your intimacy, sex, and/or relationship needs and concerns

to determine how I can help you.



  • can be used for any service as determined by the consultation phone call

  • Session length is 90 minutes and includes time
    to discuss your needs and concerns, coaching exercise(s), and time to review your experience

  • Couples are not billed separately unless seen individually



  • Highly recommended after experiencing shadow work guiding or coaching through deep-rooted intimacy and/or relationship concerns

  • Price for ONE PERSON only (couples will be charged individually)

  • 15 minutes add-on after completion of paid 90 minute session




  • can be used for any service or combination of services

  • Services can be modified as needed or desired by client as the sessions progress

  • Once purchased, each session can be used at any time

  • Couples are not billed separately unless seen individually


From in-person private sessions to group sessions to online sessions, hear what my clients have to say about their experiences


I highly recommend Nancianne as a personal coach and healing group facilitator! I had positive sessions that led to physical and emotional benefits. In one session, during guided meditation, I was able to receive spontaneous healing during a spirit visit with my deceased mother. During other sessions, I have received insight for my personal healing practice as well as feeling of unconditional support and love.

Nataliya S.


Nancianne is insightful and intuitive and has a powerful way with words. She’s a great leader in a group session and explains things well.

Tracy E


Entering the office, I felt uncertain. By our session's end, I found myself standing up somewhere better than where I'd entered from. Leaving the session, I feel I've gained something vital on my path of mending.

Cedrick C.

online and in person services

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